Frontend Developer

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Starbucks Clone

An HTML and CSS project to display my flexbox and grid using skills.

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce store, done completley with Bootstrap and customized a bit with SASS.


Good ol' Tetris. All though this was not objectively the hardest project I've done so far while learning. It was surprisingly the one I have struggled with the most. Vanilla and ES6 Javascript were used for this project.



In this project, I was responsible for the frontend development using Next.js. The app uses AI API-s to generate personalized children stories.


I have been working as a frontend developer for over a year, during which I've steadily improved my coding skills and understanding of web technologies.

As a passionate front-end developer, I thrive on crafting engaging, responsive websites and interactive web applications. My toolkit includes proficiency in CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript, complemented by expertise in using frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind to ensure seamless user experiences. Among popular front-end frameworks, I am most skilled in React, I also have experience working with Vue and Angular.

I enjoy being challenged and engaging with projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set. I consider myself being a well-organized person, problem solver with high attention to detail. Very interested in the entire development spectrum and in working on ambitious projects with positive people. Also a fan of reading, podcasts and outdoor activities.

Thank you for finding the time to look through my portfolio. I would be more than eager to answer any further questions you may have.